Hydropower-Project Management Consultant

1. Design Review, Project Management & Supervision of Chake Khola Small Hydropower Project (2.83 MW)
Client: Garjang Upatyaka Hydropower (P.) Ltd.
Location: Garjang, Ramechap

Status: Ongoing

2. Review of Feasibility Study, detail design & Project Management & Supervision of Madhya Midim Small Hydropower Project (4.80 MW) Client: Madhya Midim Hydropower (P.) Ltd.
Location: Lamjung,
Status: Ongoing
3. Feasibility Study, Detail Design & Project Management & Supervision of Hadi Khola (Sunkoshi A) Small Hydropower Project (997 kW) Client: Century Energy (P.) Ltd.
Location: Budepa, Sindupalchowk,
Status: Ongoing