DK Consult always supports welcomes national and international students for their internship. At the moment fifteen 15 undergraduates students are doing their internship and or research at DK Consult. Through continuous research we developed several inhouse software for official use, which makes routine works very easy and consume less time. We always  welcome researchers and students for their Internship & Training from the globe in the following fields. 

Renewable Energy

  • Micro Hydropower 
  • Small Hydropower
  • Solar & Wind Energy

Infrastructure Design

  • Design of RCC Building
  • Design of Masonry Building
  • Design of RCC & Steel Bridge
  • Design of Road
  • Design of Hydropower Structures

Seismic Analysis and Retrofit Design

  • Seismic analysis and design of new structures
  • Seismic analysis and retrofit design of old structures

Software Training

  • Auto-cad
  • Sap2000
  • SAFE
  • GIS

Thesis Supervision 

  • Hydraulic & Morphological Modelling
  • Hydrology & Sedimentation
  • Hydropower
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Finite Element Analysis etc

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